The World According to Aaron

Jan 30

Sorry about that….

Apparently I got hacked. If you got a lovely private message about staying at home and making 90K, that’s just a lie. We all know that can’t happen. :)

May 15

Hamburger Cupcakes. So awesome.  (Taken with instagram)

Hamburger Cupcakes. So awesome. (Taken with instagram)

Sep 14

The best music to start your morning--Explosions In The Sky

Aug 04


Finally, someone describes hipsters with puppets -

It all makes so much sense!

Aug 03


Jul 01

I’m Baaaack

After being waaay too lazy, and honestly cramming too many life changes into a three month time frame, I’m back to blogging and sharing random things. 

Stay tuned for more. 

Mar 08


I’m at Starbucks (San Francisco, CA)

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Feb 19

An FYI for companies using Living Social or Groupon

If you cannot handle the influx of people requesting your services after the coupons are bought, then don’t use Living Social or Groupon. The amount of bad customer service I have seen with companies using either of these coupon services is nothing short of amazing.  

It’s really simple, these are great way for you to get more exposure for your business and get new customers. So you should be 100% prepared for the influx of people going to use your service.  Don’t cancel shit at the last minute, don’t ignore emails and voicemails, don’t say you can’t schedule things. Be prepared and don’t screw up, otherwise the negative experiences will outweigh any kind of financial benefits you receive.

Rant over.

Feb 09

(Taken with picplz.)

(Taken with picplz.)